Developments in Telecommunications have a major impact on our young engineering / management graduates and working professionals to keep updated with the telecom technologies for better understanding of the ongoing career opportunities.

A career in telecom today demands a high level of project management skills.

The industry is always on the lookout for Project Management Professionals at every functional level with a right mix of skills. To develop a career or to sustain your career in telecom, you need to focus yourself as a member of the project team & understand to be successful:

  • Technical, Business, Industry & Marketing skills
  • Convergence Technologies & industry Convergence
  • Telecom Project Design to Implementation skills
  • Test & Measurement Parameters ( T & M ) & Quality of Service ( QoS ) availability
  • Tender Document & Vendor Manuals
  • Decision on Telecom Investments
  • Client Requirements for Technology Solutions
  • Technology Comparisons

The nature of the telecom industry has changed, and will continue to evolve. There are numerous opportunities for people who understand the new types of Technology – Business – soft skills; they must target the telecom industry with the right mix of skills. This creates the need for strong management skills to accompany the technical engineering skills for the industry

What are the Emerging Technologies & Trends in the Telecom Sector
What is the Outlook of the Telecom Market in India?
What are the job opportunities and challenges for the Engineers and Business Graduates
Who are the Key players in the Telecom Market in India
How to get the placement response from the Telecom Companies & Placement Agencies

This telecom workshop is a three-day workshop on the business, technology, and management of telecommunications. It introduces participants to telecom technologies, the inner workings of service providers, and the management of telecom services.

Do you need to know

  • How telecommunication technology works?
  • How to develop a career in telecom?
  • What to acquire effective telecom skills for best job opportunities?
  • How to upgrade your present job profile in telecom?

How will your Students benefit


Telecom Seminar for Engineering Colleges and B-Schools

Telecom seminar offering an excellent opportunity for engineering colleges and B-schools to stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in the telecommunications industry. This event provides a platform for students to learn from industry experts, gain practical knowledge, and explore potential career opportunities understand how positively technologies can impact the academic and professional growth of students.

Why Attend our Telecom Seminar?

  1. Acquire Industry Insights:  By attending this seminar, students can gain valuable insights into the latest industry trends, emerging technologies, and future prospects. This knowledge can greatly enhance their understanding of the field and help them stay competitive in their careers.
  2. Practical Learning: This Seminar includes  case studies that allow students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. These hands-on experiences provide a deeper understanding of the subject matter and equip students with practical skills that are highly valued in the industry.

How Telecom Seminars Benefit Engineering Colleges and B-Schools

  1. Enhanced Curriculum: Incorporating insights from telecom seminar into the curriculum can greatly enhance the educational experience for students. By updating course materials based on the latest industry trends, colleges can ensure that their graduates are well-prepared to meet the demands of the job market.
  2. Career Opportunities: Attending telecom seminars can significantly improve students’ chances of securing internships and job placements. Employers are more likely to recruit candidates who demonstrate a genuine interest in the field and an eagerness to stay updated on industry developments. Participating in seminars showcases a student’s proactive approach to learning and professional growth.

Telecom seminar presents a unique opportunity for engineering colleges and B-schools to expose their students to the ever-evolving world of telecommunications. By attending these seminars, students can expand their knowledge, develop practical skills, and build valuable networks. Moreover, colleges can enhance their curriculum, foster industry partnerships, and increase placement opportunities for their students. It is evident that participation in telecom seminar is not only beneficial but essential for the growth and success of students pursuing careers in the telecommunications industry.

Who Should Attend

Engineering Colleges & Business Schools

Decision Makers for Telecom Investments

IT & Telecom Consultants

HR Managers

Placement Consultants

HOD’s of Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics & Telecom

IT & Telecom Professionals

Diploma & Degree Holders in Engineering

MCA’s & MBA’s

Students of IETE & IEEE

Business Management Graduates

Seminar Agenda

Session One

  • Broadband Evolution – Forces behind the Digital World
  • PSTN Infrastructure – Service Providers, Access Networks, Backbone Infrastructure
  • Enterprise LAN & WAN Trends
  • Internet Governance & Next Generation internet ( NGi )
  • Evolution of IP Services – IPT, Internet Telephony & VoIP
  • Next Generation Multimedia Networks & Standards
  • Home Area Networks ( HAN )
  • Wireless Broadband – Power line Telecommunications ( PLC )
  • Wireless Infrastructure

Session Two

  • Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks ( WMAN )
  • Wireless Local Area Networks ( WLAN )
  • Wireless Personal Area Networks ( WPAN )
  • Next Generation Networks ( NGN )
  • Indian Telecom Equipment Market
  • Enterprise Equipments
  • Broadband Equipments
  • Wireless Equipments
  • Transmission Equipments
  • Telecom Software & Telecom Turnkey Solutions
  • Telecom Equipment Providers in India
  • Indian Telecom Services Market
  • Fixed Service
  • Cellular Service
  • International Long Distance
  • Internet & Broadband Services
  • VSAT Services
  • Broadcast Services
  • Radio Trunking Services
  • Value Added Services ( VAS )
  • Indian Telecom Service Providers

Session Three

  • Defining a Telecom Manager – Roles & Responsibilities
  • Career in Telecom – What needs to be understood first
  • Trends in Network Integration
  • Trends in Network Management Services
  • Trends in Storage
  • Trends in Wireless LAN
  • Trends in Connectivity Services
  • Trends in Mobile Applications
  • Trends in Wire line Infrastructure
  • Trends in Wireless Infrastructure
  • Trends in Test & Measurement ( T&M )
  • Trends in Fixed Mobile Convergence
  • Trends in Broadcasting
  • Trends in Global Service Delivery
  • Trends in Outsourcing
  • Trends in Call Centers
  • Trends in Managed Services
  • Trends in Network Security
  • Trends in e – governance
  • Global Telecom Career Profiles & Examples
  • Interview Techniques & Industry Expectations
  • Case Study of a Telecom Network Service Provider

Seminar Speaker


Sanjeev Goel is the Founder of Telecom Workshops in Delhi, India and He launched this venture in 2022 looking into the opportunities of evolving Telecom Infrastructure and the need to train Telecom Professionals, Telecom Aspirants, Engineering Graduates and whoever wishes to develop a Career in Telecom.

Sanjeev has been a Trainer & Consultant since 1992 in various domains of Telecom, Management, Soft Skills, Information Technology. He is a Trainer & Consultant in Delhi, India having an experience of 26+ years in training & development in the fields of Aviation, IT, Telecom, Management, Soft Skills & French language.

He has the capability to design & conduct training courses for various Industries using Information & Communication Technologies as ICT is the backbone impacting all the Industries.

Sanjeev has written articles on various topics in IT & Telecom and has been the National & International Conference Speaker since 1998. Also, Spoken at Telecom Conferences on emerging technologies & telecom infrastructures.

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