Understanding Next Generation Networks (NGN)

Understanding Next Generation Network (NGN) Training Course

Next Generation Network (NGN) training courses are essential for professionals looking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving field of telecommunications. With the rapid advancements in technology, the traditional methods of networking are quickly becoming obsolete, making it vital for individuals to upskill and adapt to the new standards.

What Is Next Generation Network (NGN)?

The Next Generation Network (NGN) refers to a packet-based network that can provide data, voice, and video services. It is designed to optimize network resources, enhance the user experience, and reduce operational costs.

The Importance of NGN Training

NGN training equips professionals with the knowledge and skills required to design, implement, and manage modern network infrastructures. This includes understanding packet-switched networks, IP telephony, Quality of Service (QoS), and security protocols, among other essential concepts.

Key Components Covered in NGN Training

  1. Packet-Switched Networks: Understanding the principles and operation of packet-switched networks is fundamental in NGN training. Professionals learn about data transmission, network scalability, and the efficient use of resources.

  2. IP Telephony: With the widespread adoption of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), NGN training delves into the intricacies of IP telephony, including call routing, signaling, and media protocols.

  3. Quality of Service (QoS): Ensuring a seamless user experience is a priority in NGN training. Professionals learn how to prioritize traffic, minimize latency, and allocate bandwidth effectively to maintain QoS.

  4. Security Protocols: As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, NGN training covers security protocols to safeguard network infrastructures from potential vulnerabilities and attacks.

Advantages of Pursuing NGN Training

By enrolling in an NGN training course, professionals can gain the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Skill Set: Acquiring knowledge of NGN enhances professionals’ skill set, making them valuable assets to their organizations.
  • Career Advancement: With the demand for NGN expertise on the rise, trained professionals have opportunities for career growth and progression.
  • Adaptability: NGN training enables individuals to adapt to the dynamic nature of telecommunications, positioning them as adaptable and forward-thinking professionals.

Next Generation Network (NGN) training courses offer professionals the opportunity to stay relevant and competitive in the telecom industry. With comprehensive coverage of essential components and a focus on practical applications, NGN training equips individuals with the expertise needed to thrive in the era of advanced networking technologies. Whether you are a network engineer, telecommunications specialist, or IT professional, investing in NGN training can prove to be a crucial step towards a successful and fulfilling career.

Next Generation Network (NGN) Framework


  • ITU-T
  • 3GPP
  • MSF
  • DSL-F
  • CableLabs®
  • IEEE


  • Interactive Voice
  • Content/Capabilities – Video
  • Multimedia (MM) Conferencing
  • Content Sharing
  • Interactive Gaming
  • Sensor and Control Networking
  • Wireless Terminal Control of Customer Premises Equipment
  • Mobility Management (across wireless and wireline)


  • QoS
  • Presence
  • Policy
  • Media Resource Functions
  • Media Gateway Function
  • Personal Profiles, “Unified” Interface, and Service Ubiquity
  • Multicast
  • Communication Context
  • Nomadism and Roaming
  • Location
  • Personal Information Management and Access
  • Benefits of NGN and drivers for migration
  • Current stage of NGN deployment in India
  • Regulatory issues concerning regulators around the world


  • NGN relevance for different Service Providers
  • Understanding the NGN concepts and implications.
  • Timing of NGN transition


  • Need for a policy framework and regulatory initiatives within the NGN context
  • Relevance of ‘light touch’ regulation in the NGN context
  • Establishing viable competition and a level-playing field within the NGN context
  • Regulatory incentives at the initial stage of the migration to NGN
  • Regulatory facilitation for encouraging NGN migration to rural areas
  • Delivering QOS in NGN environment
  • Development of interconnection regime in the NGN context
  • Timing of evaluation of regulatory approaches on NGN


  • Regulation of technical aspects of NGN.
  • Timing for investigation on technical aspects of NGN
  • Network architecture for NGN
  • Agency for technical standardization in the NGN context
  • Relevance of IPv6 for NGN transport?
  • Security aspects of NGN

The Technologies behind NGN

  • An overview of IP, IPoATM, MPLS & RTP
  • Issues in packet voice communication
  • Voice technologies for packet based voice applications
  • What is Carrier – Grade
  • Internet Telephony
  • H.323 & SIP group of standards
  • Media Gateway Control & Softswitch Architecture
  • Various Signaling Standards
  • VoIP & SS7, Sigtran
  • Quality of Service Architectures
  • IETF – INT Serve, Diff Serve
  • Real Time Service Requirements
  • Telephone Number Mapping ( ENUM ), Number Portability
  • NGN Evolution to IP Multimedia Subsystem ( IMS )

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