5G Network Infrastructure

Training Duration : 10 Days

Training Course Agenda

Introducing our comprehensive 5G Mobile Network Training Course, designed to elevate your expertise in the rapidly evolving world of telecommunications. This course is meticulously crafted to provide you with a deep understanding of the intricacies of 5G technology, empowering you to stay ahead in this competitive industry.

With a focus on practical application, you will delve into the fundamentals of 5G networks, learning about key concepts such as network architecture, spectrum management, and the integration of IoT and AI. Our expert instructors will guide you through real-world case studies, ensuring that you gain valuable insights that can be directly applied in your professional endeavors.

By enrolling in this course, you will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to design, optimize, and troubleshoot 5G networks, making you a sought-after asset in the job market. Stay at the forefront of the telecommunications revolution and propel your career to new heights with our 5G Mobile Network Training Course.

5G Course Overview

Evolution of Wireless Networks

Introduction to 5G

5G Standards and Specifications

Use Cases and Applications

End-to-End Architecture Components, Security and Transport

Cloud Native Infrastructure


5G Packet Core 

5G Mobile Transport – Fronthaul, Midhaul, Backhaul

Voice over New Radio ( VoNR )

Software Defined Networking

Network Function Virtualization

5G Deployment Options

5G Non-Standalone Networks

5G Standalone Networks

5G Infrastructure Design

5G QoS

5G Network Slicing

5G Timing & Synchronization

5G & Autonomous Vehicles

5G Fixed Mobile Convergence

5G & Satellite Communication

Automation, Orchestration and Testing

End-to-End 5G Security Architecture

5G Overall Network Architecture

The Radio Access Network, The Core Network
Drivers for 5G
Fiber Optic Infrastructure, Small Cell Deployment, Spectrum Availability, 5G Indoors
5G Layer 1, Physical Layer ( PHY )
5G Layer 2 – MAC, RLC, PDCP
5G Layer 3 – RRC Layer

5G Radio-Access Technologies

5G frequency bands
5G – NR ( New Radio )
Next-Generation RAN Architecture
5G Multiple Access Schemes

5G Mobile Core Network

Key Concepts in 5G
Data Network Name
Packet Data Unit Session
Subscription Permanent Identifier
5G Globally Unique Temporary Identifier
QoS Model in 5G Core
Access & Mobility Function
Session Management Function
User Plane Function
Policy Control Function
Charging Function
Authentication Server Function
Network Repository Function
REST & HTTP2 Methods

Multi-Access Edge Computing in 5G

MEC Architecture & Deployment

5G NSA Design & Deployment

Evolution from 4G to 5G Non-Standalone
Dual Connectivity
Migration Options 3/3a/3x
Control & User Plane Separation ( CUPS )
CUPS Architecture
NSA Call Flows
Deployment Considerations & Challenges

5G SA Packet Core Design & Deployment

Mandatory Network Functions ( NF )
Design Considerations
Devices, 5G SA Slicing, Node Selection, Interworking with 4G/5G NSA
Redundancy Considerations

5G Packet Core Testing Strategy

Manual & Fully Automated Testing
Microservices & Services Based Architecture
Bundling of Microservices
5G SA Testing Framework
Functional & Non-Functional Testing
Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Automation in 5G

Pervasive Automation
Resilient Network
Ease of Network Rollout
Ease of Service Rollout
Network Slicing in 5G
Service Orchestration
Service Assurance

5G End-to-End Security Architecture Model
5g for Private Networks


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